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Worth The Fight Podcast

Jul 21, 2021

Stuck in your head? Stacy grounds us and gets us back into our bodies, where there is Infinite wisdom far beyond our monkey minds, graciously sharing insights around somatic healing and emotional freedom techniques. We talk about psychedelic integration, strategies for health and well-being, and do a live demonstration of tapping.



Stacy Claxton Show Notes:


We Discuss;


-Stacy’s experience with flow [6:15]

-Curiosity being a driver to explore why people aren’t healing and getting better [12:10]

-First experience with ayahuasca [13:55]

-Dark Night of the soul and the power of integration [15:10]

-Pausing the learning and writing your own story by journaling [20:45]

-More about integrating psychedelic experiences [24:15]

-Somatic: Allowing the body's wisdom to shine! [ 26:50]

-PSA for Emotional Freedom [29:30]

-You can transmute anything from your past into an empowering possibility [35:30]

-Tapping transformational benefits [39:55]

-Tapping Emotional Freedom Exercise [45:40]


Connect with Stacy Claxton:


Want to try tapping? Group coaching coupon code HERE: WORTTHEFIGHT


Psychedelic Society of Texas: