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Worth The Fight Podcast

Nov 6, 2019

In this special podcast conversation, I interview Lee Davy a modern-day Samurai. We talk psychedelic medicines and our culture, trauma, neuroscience, quantum physics, the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking.


Show notes Worth The Fight Podcast Episode #7/Lee Davy


5:25 Importance of Guides in the psychedelic healing experience.


10:30 Link to YouTube Ram Dass and Terence McKenna:


16:30 Neil DeGrasse Tyson: “You are in the Universe, but more importantly, the Universe is in you.”


18:50 Lee breaks down how neuroscience helps him better understand our humanity and what is possible: “Science is the conventional language of mysticism” 


29:50 We average 60-70k thoughts per day. 90% are the same thoughts from day before.


35:00 Start with where you are at. Taking a scientific approach to personal growth. 


40:00 Emily Nagoski PhD “Come As You Are”: Profound book on Sex and a novel look at releasing sexual trauma 


50:20 Kundalini Experience: The science behind this rare transcendent phenomena.


53:58 Advice for those interested in embarking on a healing journey: Start with micro-dosing and choose your guide wisely.


57:00 We are unlimited beings! 


59:00 Set and setting and the power of intention with psychedelic experiences. And do your own research! 


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