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Worth The Fight Podcast

Jun 21, 2021

In our hopeful conversation, we talk about the beauty in cannabis as a psychedelic, the power of “set & setting”, psychedelic integration, patience as supreme grandmaster teacher, pragmatic tips for living healthy, happy, and strong service-driven lives, the value of engaging shadow work and finding the gift in our darkness. Libby Cooper, the CEO of Space Coyote inspires us to explore the lighter, playful side of life, she graces us with her optimistic perspective and outlook, and plentiful seeds of accelerated transformational growth.


Show Notes Libby Cooper/Space Coyote 


We Discuss;


-How have psychedelics impacted your journey? [4:13]

-How do you feel about set and setting [5:49]

-Integration practices from day to day [16:01]

-Seeking out discomfort [22:24]

-What keeps people from leaning into their edge? [29:25]

-Where do you see psychedelics in the next 5 years [40:32]

-Where to find Libby and Space Coyote [47:22]


Helpful Resources: 


Yvon Chouinard “Let My People Surf

Steven Kotler — Cannabis & Creativity 

Dr. Dan Engle — Full Spectrum Medicine

Akshay Nanavati “Fearvana”

Steven Pressfield “War of Art”, podcast with Aubrey Marcus

Brene Brown's Paradoxical Power of Vulnerability 

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