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Worth The Fight Podcast

Nov 17, 2020

Stef graciously shares his supremely healthy perspectives around love, connection and a deeper intimacy. We talk plant medicines, ceremony and integration —  and share many pragmatic tips for being healthy, happy and strong during Pandemic. Our conversation illuminates the value of embracing our shadow work; turning into fear—leaning into adversity, pain, trauma.


Show Notes Stef Sifandos #53



We Discuss;


-Being a man in 2020: Strength, Courage, Mastery, Honor, Connectivity [6:10]

-Integrating vital routine structure into lives during Pandemic [15:50]

-Go into the storm to get out of it [17:50]

-Stef’s experiences with plant medicines and perspectives on how to get the most value out of healing experience [21:30]

-“We thrive in intimacy. We thrive in being seen. Being valued, appreciated, respected—Being heard, being understood, and cared for—and reciprocating that.” [31:00]

-Masculine/Feminine dance [41:00]

-Unhealthy expression of patriarch [42:00]

-Value of Sacred Union [44:30]


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