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Worth The Fight Podcast

Oct 4, 2021

Dr. Joe Tafur works earnestly to bridge the worlds of modern science and traditional healing. Like none other, he has one foot rooted in each world; the shamanic realm and the Western medical model. In our hopeful podcast, Joe illuminates the role of Spiritual healing in healthcare and what might be possible with these powerful misunderstood medicines. 


**This podcast is for informational purposes only. None of this medical advice.** 


Dr. Joe Tafur Show Notes:

We Discuss;


-Our collective soul-sickness [5:00]

-Economic pressures and precarious challenges facing our country [14:45]

-Serving others for the sake of love and meaning [17:10]

-It is Worth The Fight! [19:10]

-Joe’s inspiration of his book “The Fellowship of the River” [20:30]

-The role of Spiritual healing in healthcare [26:30]

-What is possible? Mind/Body/Spirit research [34:00]

-Epigenetics and trauma [37:10]

-Modern Spirit and MAPS submitting date for publication [38:50] goal to help people find their inner healer [42:10]

-Dr. Joe Tafur’s viewpoint of Psychedelic Integration [44:44]

-October 20th — The River Course: Online course designed around the book [53:30]


The Fellowship of the River - purchase Dr. Joe Tafur’s game-changer book HERE


Modern Spirit:


The River Course: