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Worth The Fight Podcast

Feb 1, 2020

John Saul gets raw and real about his life-saving MDMA-assisted psychotherapy treatment in the MAPS Phase 2 clinical trials. We talk about the vital importance of psychedelic integration and break down the mechanism of this unconventional healing process.



John Saul #18 Show Notes

We Discuss;


-John’s study he participated in: MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Anxiety for Fear of Dying (5:40)

-Choosing Life (7:45)

-Post-traumatic growth! (10:25) 

-Re-mission (11:20)

-Overcoming health challenges from Scleroderma (16:20)

-Ran half-marathon after choosing life (19:30)

-John’s calling: “Show me what it looks like!”(21:10)

-Psychedelic Integration isn’t sexy—but its the work! (28:20) 

-Massive need for more psychedelic therapists (30:20)

-Harm reduction (31:10) (35:20)

-Meditation augments “your inner radar!”— we can develop these intuitive muscles (44:50)

-Just give a shit about your fellow man—learn how to care (49:00)

-There is only truth in this room (51:11)


To read about the published scientific study John participated in with in Nature Magazine

To contact John Saul: