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Worth The Fight Podcast

Aug 3, 2021

Got Sacred Activism? Has there ever been a better time for conscious disruption? Probably not. Lola inspires us to reframe our struggles on the path of serving others. She also inspires a healthy dose of unfiltered real talk, eloquently articulating the truth of our being and what might be possible. 



Lola Wright Show Notes


We discuss;


-Chronic slumber of separation [4:00] 


-Lola’s reason for being encouraged [6:35]


-Practical tips for integration [12:10]


-What if you don’t need any saving? What if your essence is the source of your own salvation? [20:10]


-How can I fall madly in love with myself? [26:10]


-We all have a responsibility to find what brings us a sense of peace [36:00]


-Lola’s view on trauma [38:00]


-Why Lola hasn’t had a psychedelic experience [40:30]


-The power of breathwork [42:10]


-What if there is less to be done, and more to be undone [43:30]


**Correction — Maine DID NOT decriminalize psychedelic plants—the Maine senate didn’t approve**


-What is next for Lola [52:30]




Connect w/Lola Wright


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IG: @lolapwright