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Worth The Fight Podcast

Oct 30, 2019

Janine Sagert Ph.D. and I have a spirited discussion about how trauma impacts war. We talk in-depth about her inspiring film From Shock To Awe, and what our struggling but resilient war veterans mean to our modern world that struggles to find peace and well-being. In our conversation: Big Pharma’s toxic pills, the systematic sex abuse perpetrated by the church, War & Peace.

Please enjoy our hopeful conversation, as we both seek to illuminate the potential that lies within the hearts of our war veterans who earnestly seek healing with medicines that work. 

Worth The Fight Podcast Episode #6

-6:00 From Shock to Awe Janine’s inspiration in making this film

-9:30 Matt Kahl’s spirited call to action for our war veterans to run for office 

-11:25 Get off the yoga mat and into the game

-12:20 Jamie Wheal: Metronomes and Tuning forks—find others and play music together—share your gifts!

-17:20 Spiritual dimension of psychedelic medicines

-21:20 DoubleBlind: Ayahuasca Privilege 

-22:50 Recent Psychedelic piece on 60 Minutes:

-24:30 Big Pharma’s toxic pills and our veteran mental health crisis

-30:15 MAPS’ Cure for PTSD

-40:00 Oregon’s and California’s Efforts to Decriminalize Psilocybin in Nov 2020 Election

-43:00 How to get involved and help push From Shock to Awe’s vital message of hope and healing forward.

-49:30 “Those who are abusing have been abused!” “Trauma is the root of War” 


Janine Sagert Ph.D.'s website:

From Shock to Awe: Links to download 





GOOGLE PLAY…/movies/details/From_Shock_to_Awe