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Worth The Fight Podcast

Feb 24, 2021

Noah brings loads of wisdom and perspective to the psychedelic renaissance from his vantage point as a pioneering psychedelic lawyer. In our conversation, we highlight the enormous opportunity and the looming pitfalls as our human family leans out into this unknown. We talk in-depth about the hopeful nationwide decrim...

Feb 20, 2021

Thank You Plant Medicine 2021: A compilation of some of our favorite plant medicine shares from the first 61 episodes. So much gratitude and appreciation for nature and the plants. Love. :)



**6 US cities and the state of Oregon have decriminalized plant medicines. Not 6 states. I mis-spoke**



Thank You Plant...

Feb 1, 2021

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is a superstar working to bridge the gap between conventional Western medicine and the bourgeoning psychedelic renaissance, bringing a novel angle and impressive resume: MD, JD, and she worked in the VA for many years, seeing firsthand the shortcomings and inability to properly treat our veterans....