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Worth The Fight Podcast

Dec 3, 2022

Dr. Karolina Mikos shares her incredible healing journey that led to a big shift out of conventional medicine into holistic medicine & tripsitting guidance. She bravely shares her own struggles out of depression and into her calling of paying forward the grace of plant medicine healing. This past year we’ve been co-hosting meetings on the Psychedelic & Limitless Personal Growth Meetup, and I am continually inspired by Karolina’s compassion and earnest service aspirations. She is doing super important work holding safe space for plant medicine healing. 


Dr. Karolina Mikos Show Notes: 


We discuss; 


-Dr. Mikos plight/background as an internist [2:20]

-Her healing with Ayahuasca [5:00]

-Doctor burnout [8:20]

-Trusting intuition and the calling within [17:30]

-Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional [27:15]

-Hormesis: Healthy Stress for resilience and growth [34:30]

-The inspiration behind her Tripsitting offering and her process [39:30]

-What its like to work with Karolina [48:40]

-Supreme importance of integration [52:15]

-The vast array of integration practices [1:00:00]


To contact and work with Dr. Karolina Mikos: 

IG @karolinamikosmd


Psychedelic & Limitless Personal Growth Meetup:


Worth The Fight Book: Kindle, Audiobook & Paperback 

IG @worththefightbook