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Worth The Fight Podcast

Nov 27, 2019

On this Worth The Fight Podcast, the tables are turned, and Kelli Tennant from the Ceremony Wellness Podcast interviews me. We dive deep into the “Worth The Fight” mission of hope and healing. In our inspired heartfelt conversation, I don’t hold back any punches back for Bullshit Inc. hitting on all the hard and uncomfortable truths.


Podcast Episode #9


Show Notes: 


-Sebastian Junger’s Book Tribe (7:18)


-Feeling “Beyond Love” for the first time at 35 years old (10:10).


-Soltara Realness Retreat (14:44).


-Ayahuasca shows us our inner healer (20:32).


-Everything is a lesson bringing us to this present moment (24:10).


-Integration is the hard part, day-to-day challenge of grounding these insights (33:31).


-Its about living the medicine (34:35).


-Jason Silva’s Inverse PTSD (34:58).


-Integrating Insights: Meditation, yoga, dance, prayer, fasting, cacao (35:34).


-Opioid Crisis claims 193 lives per day (41:05).


-MDMA Assisted Therapy Phase 3 clinical trials with FDA (42:17).


-Heroic Hearts Project arranging ayahuasca retreats for our war veterans with PTSD(43:42).


-Sex at Dawn—Chris Ryan PhD., 98% DNA with both Chimpanzee and Bonobo (46:50).


-If we seek peace, healing our war veterans is an absolute must! (53:31)