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Worth The Fight Podcast

Apr 10, 2022

Are you curious about starting an intentional microdosing protocol? Are you concerned about legality? Well, Phoebe & Ryan from Hearthstone Collective share a powerful South African plant medicine Kanna which is legal and easily accessible. In our spirited discussion, we talk all things microdosing and everything one might need to know to get the most out of a microdosing protocol. 

Show notes HearthStone Collective Podcast #85  

We Discuss;

-Ryan’s heart-opening Kanna Experience [10:00] 

-Benefits of Kanna [11:15]

-Engaging an intentional microdosing protocol w/Kanna [21:10]

-Microdosing and PTSD [31:30]

-How to microdose [33:50]


Helpful Resources: 


“The Immortality Key” -Brian C. Muraresku


“Lost Connections”- Johann Hari


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